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Should You Fire Your Fire Extinguisher Company?

If you have a fire extinguisher company what should you expect from them?  Scheduling your regular recharging and inspection of your fire extinguishers on your premises is vital to your safety.

Fire extinguisher companies are in a serious business of reliability and their tasks are to service their clients by reminding them to recharge their fire extinguishers and inspect them so that they are always compliant with fire department regulations.  Most importantly, these companies need to ensure that the fire extinguishers are always available in proper working order. 

Similar to smoke alarms and heat detectors, one should not find out that the equipment is not working when it is too late.  There is no second chance to get it right when such fire safety equipment  exists for the purpose of preventing catastrophes and saving lives.  Not only is a friendly reminder important but also a continual follow up via various means of communication is necessary. 

Manhattan Fire & Safety is located in lower mid-town Manhattan, New York City, where there are probably more fire extinguishers and office buildings that use them.  They have been in business for over twenty years and maintain a staff of certified technicians that are on call at twenty four hour notice.  These certifications are with the New York City Fire Department and additionally, they are insured for full liability for their work. 

Whatever comfort these certifications and insurance coverage provide, the company is regulated to a higher compliancy standard.  Still, an important pre-requisite but the litmus test is the track record and performance of the results that they live up to.  Whichever fire extinguisher company you may choose in New York and its five boroughs, it is incumbent upon yourself to check to see that these certifications are maintained and also do some investigative work to see what their performance record has been over the years. 

Are they reliable?  Do they take a pre-emptive approach to warding off problems that may occur?  Consult with an experienced professional like Manhattan Fire & Safety and ask the questions that you may have before you make a mistake that can be fatal and also put you in danger of non compliancy as a home or business. 

For more tips and advice on prudent fire safety precautions, contact: Manhattan Fire & Safety

242 W 30th St # 701   New York, NY 10001-0792    (888) 959-5198


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