Fire Emergency

Tips For Fire and Safety Precaution

Many people and businesses purchase fire extinguishers without really understanding what they are purchasing or how it is actually used.  Perhaps we can clarify some of the salient points needed to know in this field.

A fire extinguisher has certain functions of fire situations that it is designed to combat.  As an owner of a fire extinguisher it is incumbent upon the business or owner to have a clear idea as to what scenarios are most commonly required for a fire extinguisher that is there.  Amongst the more common situations are trash, paper products, liquids, wood, electrical, and oil and grease. 

Location for where the fire extinguishers should be placed is a very important decision.  Households necessitate placing them outside the bedrooms and bathrooms that are easily accessible to all.  The kitchen area where there is heat and flames from a cooking range needs to have an extinguisher within easy reach, however never to be placed underneath the stove itself.  A kitchen fire where the flames are in the stove area would make it inadvisable to store your extinguisher there.  

Preparedness:  The fire extinguishers need to be always ready and loaded with full battery charges if battery powered.  Such batteries would require changing at least twice a year. 

Fires that occur due to grease should be put out with baking soda or a covered id and never with water.  Water ill exacerbate a grease fire and cause it to spread. 

The fire extinguisher needs to be used properly where the user stands with ample clearance from the dangerous flames.  A minimum distance of six feet is ideal. 

An office or home certainly needs smoke detectors installed properly throughout the building in each and every room.  Additionally, heat detectors are also important to warn anyone of impending danger. 

All parties that are inhabitants of the home or office need to know what the escape plans are in the event of a fire.  If there any security systems that can be set off to warn the fire department or police, these codes or buttons need to be identified to all people there. 

For more tips and advice on prudent fire safety precautions, contact: Manhattan Fire & Safety

242 W 30th St # 701   New York, NY 10001-0792    (212) 563-7500

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