Fire Extinguisher

Your Fire Extinguisher is Your Greatest Friend

Fire is perhaps the most dangerous thing that can harm mankind dating back to the beginning of time.  Controlling fire has been one of man’s great conquests that with proper supervision and control, can be used effectively for many great purposes.  Cooking, heating, and lighting are some of the main benefits however uncontrolled, fire can kill and destroy lives and property.

The fire extinguisher is a vital piece of equipment that offices and homes need to require as a permanent and necessary fixture at all times.  It needs to be operative and tested regularly in order to insure its functional availability.  Fires can occur in many different ways.  With computer technology and electronics that have become such a big part of our lives, fires can exacerbate quickly and dangerously without warning.

Contact: Manhattan Fire & Safety

242 W 30th St # 701   New York, NY 10001-0792   (212) 563-7500


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