Fire Safety

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Fire Safety is a serious business particularly when dealing with adhering to expiration of inspection notices in order to keep your equipment in compliance with fire code and fire department regulations.  A home and / or business needs to have a trusted fire safety company that regularly inspects and re-charges fire extinguishers that are on your premises to save your life and valuables.  Manhattan Fire & Safety is located in the heart of NYC where there are more buildings and residents who have fire extinguishers.  They service one of the most important apparatus that we so often neglect yet must have.  Manhattan Fire & Safety will put your fire extinguisher on a schedule and arrange a pick up and delivery to conveniently ensure that you and your home or business is constantly in compliance.

They will also provide any guidance and consultation regarding any fire safety issues and other items that one should be equipped with in order to be safe.  High risers and metropolitan areas like Manhattan and the outer boroughs, require a pro fire safety company in their corner.

Contact Manhattan Fire & Safety:  (888) 959-5198 x101

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